What is GKP?

The Global Knowledge Platform (GKP) is a global-scale project under development by Global Knowledge Development Ltd.
Its implementation will improve human resources’ performance in organizations and companies.
It uses new principles and approaches for a more efficient organizational knowledge management.

“How can we do better?”

It is a simple but fundamental business question. Every organization’s results depend on how well its leaders respond to that question. Successful organizations always leverage employee skills, knowledge, and growth.

GKP primarily addresses:

Accomplishing more with less,
Increasing revenue,
Reducing costs,
Improving processes,
Challenging existing thinking and
Outperforming others

What will GKP offer?

A global knowledge repository.
An innovative virtual knowledge transfer platform.
A platform for efficiently improving employee’s knowledge, skills and performance.

Who will benefit?

The business model of GKP targets all kind of learning organizations and their employees, including self-directed and workplace learners.
Higher education students can become GKP users, too.

The “active” content concept

The basic working principle of an integrated Knowledge platform

The “active” content-based digital Knowledge platform comprises four advanced ICT-based (sub) systems:

A Digital Knowledge Repository (DKR) built and structured as a multidimensional dynamically linked knowledge hyperspace for storing, linking, searching and retrieving the learning content designed and published in the form of specially designed knowledge and “active” learning objects.

A Knowledge Transfer/e-Learning System (KTS) based on “active” content for self-directed learning. The system monitors constantly the complete process and helps the self-directed learners to get better learning results.

A Performance Support System (PSS) for delivering fast reference on demand to the users (learners/employees).

A cloud computing platform for Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) delivery via diverse cloud models.

The access to the Knowledge Platform (KP) is through a cloud-based online portal serving as a gateway to the platform and its sub-systems.

What is the innovation advantage of GKP?

The “active” learning content concept